Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top Ten Reasons We Miss Nanny Carrie

10. I miss handing the boy over first thing in the morning so I could take a shower. Now I usually shower at 11pm after the boy is in bed. (If at all, if I'm completely honest.)

9. Andrew misses his formerly sweet-smelling wife. See number 10.

8. Calvin misses having someone play dress-up with him every day like he was a doll. Now I just let him wander around like a white-trash baby in his stain covered onesie all day and all night. My mom would be so disappointed in me - not sleeping in the clothes you had worn all day was like her second most important rule. Carrie always made him look so cute.

7. I miss hearing the stories of her Facebook boyfriend and late night decisions to text an old flame that she still has feelings. There was also the big-headed boy at church who would stare at her for hours. Romance was always a-brewin'.

6. I get so bored doing only my own homework (just kidding, Care)

5. I miss having Carrie around when Andy goes on his trips. We did fun things like stay up super late watching The Notebook in my big bed while Calvin slept. Eating some sort of chocolate, I'm sure.

4. We miss going on fun little weekend trips, trying to cross off a list full of sites we'd never seen and places we'd never been.

3. We miss nap time. It always involved watching Carrie wrap Calvin in the magic blanket with just the right amount of tightness, and just the right amount of his face poking out, before sitting on the exercise ball and balancing, while bouncing a wiggling child for just the right amount of time for him to fall fitfully to sleep, before being transferred to the swing at just the right speed (number 5), with just the right music (eine kleine nacht musik). He would then sleep for 15 minutes before waking up to have Carrie do it all over again. No one could get the boy to sleep like Carrie could. Now we just stick him in the crib. So boring!

2. So much chocolate has disappeared from my life since Carrie left. No more packages of double chunky chocolate chip cookies that could be consumed in one sitting, no more Oreo Cakesters, no more homemade truffles, no more late night brownie baking sessions, no more hot fudge sauce, no more smores, no more Costco sized buckets of chocolate covered raisins. No more hiding wrappers so Andy wouldn't judge us. My waistline is glad she left, but the rest of me, the shamefully undisciplined side, is very, very sad.

1. I miss spending quality time with a sister that I haven't seen much over the past several years. We had amusing discussions, sad discussions, and shocking discussions. My little sister is growing up much faster than I had realized, and it was so fun to get to know her again.

Carrie, thanks for giving up 5 months of your life to come share ours. We miss you!