Monday, July 14, 2008

Master Bath

Since Andy has been traveling a lot less and I have been home, we've been working on knocking out a couple dozen projects that we've been working on since we moved in. The majority of the projects have been 90% done and only require a little push to complete them. I'll post pictures as we get them done. Here is the master bath. We finished it this weekend. The pictures don't do it justice - the space is very large, and we had the contractors turn the toilet a different direction so we could extend the shower and make it a lot bigger. Between all of the added space, the frameless glass, and the over-sized shower head, it is the world's best shower. We put down large brown tiles on the floor, and off-white tousled tiles with brown accents on the shower and tub. The colors look bad in the pictures, but the end result looks great.

I'm embarrassed that it's so messy, but it's when we were moving in. I'm glad my father-in-law took pictures, since I didn't.
We decided to leave the cabinets and the tub, but we changed everything else. The fixtures, lights, floor, window dressings, drawer pulls, tile, paint, ripped out the wall and flipped the toilet around, and extended the shower.
Andy said, "these pictures suck. You have to experience it. It's like a magnificent vista." We are very proud of our bathroom.