Friday, July 11, 2008

He's Crawling!

It's funny how we try to coax things out of Calvin for weeks and months, and then finally one day he just decides he wants to do it. He's been rolling everywhere he wants to go for a couple of months, and then for several weeks he's been pulling himself along with his arms, and then moved into an army crawl where he's pushing forward with his arms and legs flat on the ground, and then today he just gets up and crawls like he's been doing it all along. He's still a bit patchy, but he's doing really well. Unfortunately I didn't attempt to take any pictures or footage until it was past his bedtime, so he's pretty grumpy in this little segment. It's about a minute long, but only the first few seconds really show his stuff. The rest he just gets fussy and throws himself down on the floor because we won't just pick him up. Sorry I haven't figured out how to edit it down. Hooray Calvin! This is a week of milestones for you!